Protein Evolution is Jonathan Rothberg’s newest company, and part of the 4Catalyzer network

About Protein Evolution

Protein Evolution develops novel proteins that solve environmental and healthcare problems.

To do this, we unite proprietary technology in artificial intelligence, molecular biology, and biophysics.

Together the 4Catalyzer network, academic partnerships, and our patent library enable us to engineer proteins that no one else can.

About 4Catalyzer

4Catalyzer is a technology incubator with 8 healthcare startups currently under the 4C umbrella that have raised over three billion dollars in funding.

4Catalyzer was founded by Dr. Jonathan Rothberg, a serial entrepreneur who is known for inventing and commercializing next generation DNA sequencing. His companies have made medicine accessible, from handheld ultrasound devices (Butterfly Network) to portable MRI machines (Hyperfine).